Founded in New York City in 2009 by designer Lindsey Hufnagel, the Horse+Nail brand is bringing a fresh energy to today’s handbags and accessories. Handmade in Downtown Los Angeles, each piece is a balance of power and delicacy. Horse+Nail transcends trends, and has established itself as a new classic. It is for the fearless and powerful woman, for a look that is effortlessly sexy. Hufnagel’s designs infuse classic shapes with embellished hardware, giving her pieces just the right amount of edge with an inherent versatility and ultimately, wearability. In the sea of sameness of luxury handbags today, Horse+Nail is setting the standard with a new kind of staple piece for today’s “it-girl”. Actress Mary Louise Parker has been a fan of the brand, toting her Billy Tote throughout the entire Season 8 of her hit show Weeds. Scarlet Johanson has been spotted rocking her Horse+Nail handbag while shopping in Paris. Model Meghan Collison has also been an amazing ambassador for the brand, featured in the Signature Collection Campaign. The Horse+Nail brand also includes a men’s line with unisex pieces and accessories like the Guitar Strap, a perfect piece of understated luxury and rockstar glamour.

Designer Bio

Lindsey Hufnagel is the founder and creative force behind Horse+Nail. Born in Calgary Alberta, Canada, the designer moved New York City more than ten years ago to pursue a career in art and design. Hufnagel graduated from the prestigious Parson’s School of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, and began her career with several prominent internships that led her to costume design. It was during this time Hufnagel discovered her appreciation for handbags. Inspired by this passion, she created her first Horse+Nail Handbags, The Signature Scout and the Altair The overwhelming positive response that followed would be the catalyst for Horse+Nail, a brand born out of the designer’s unique vision and intrinsically cool design aesthetic. Inspired by the elaborate and elegant horse tack, this hardware soon became the signature to every piece she would create. Hufnagel brings her distinctive point of view, her individuality, and a profound contrast to each and every piece she creates. With an innate sense of style, Hufnagel is a dreamer, a visionary who finds inspiration in her everyday life and the city she calls home.