The Vintage Hideout

The Vintage Hideout is a one stop shop for all your vintage and local designer needs. Based in Venice CA, we will travel the globe to bring you a unique array of vintage clothing and accessories, authentic textiles, home decor, as well as unique handcrafted designs.
We believe in the stories and the journey of each unique piece we find, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to pass them along. We believe in sustainable fashion and design. With minimal waste, we re-use and up-cycle some of our unique finds.

The Women Behind TVH

About Lindsey… As a designer I have always had a passion for Vintage and Antiquing. Some of my favorite finds have been in and around Chambersburg PA, where my Grandmother lives. I am obsessed with it’s old world charm, it’s a beautiful combination of Primitive, Colonial and Victorian Architecture. I find it incredibly inspiring. There are so many beautiful pieces of history, I am always excited for the hunt.

About Brea… I have worked in the fashion industry as a model for over ten years, constantly being inspired by unique patterns and clothing designs. I love every aspect of vintage, the treasure hunt, the excitement of finding a unique piece, and the joy of continuing on a legacy of the vintage item. Vintage is a sustainable solution for staying fashionable and responsible.



Join Our Recycling Program...

We Value the Concept of Renewal, Revival, Re-Use, Recycle.

If you would like to donate your used clothing and or home furnishing please contact us.

If you need assistance in decluttering, organizing, or simply reviving your closet, we are here to help.